Darren Tapp Featured on Dash Podcast 137

Last Friday I was interviewed by Dash News, We covered topics relating to chainlocks and their security. We also talked about reducing proof of work for Dash. We discuss how SPV wallets could take advantage of chain locks to provide more security even with less work in every block.

We talked about the economics research going on right now at ASU. That is the part of research that I am involved in and most excited about. We talk about a lot of options. The hosts relate these decisions to being a central bank, and there is a parallel that can be drawn. Perhaps I didn't get across that the goal is to have a hands off economic policy. My hope is that a stable economic model can be adopted and hardcoded without intervention after the change. I lament that we did not talk about the Zero Knowledge Proof research also being worked on by the ASU blockchain research lab. I expect an update on that by the end of the school year.

I was asked about Dash's monetary inflation. It was purported that Dash's monetary inflation was high, and it is compared to other cryptocurrency projects. I'm hoping that any changes to the inflation schedule result in less issued Dash.

There is some discussion about masternode voting participation. Now that voting keys are on chain then it would be nice if a phone app allowed for voting on your phone. I think that would encourage more voting. Mark suggested that TAPPMATH could explain the calculations in the chainlocks security analysis in more detail.

If you haven't had a chance to watch this episode please find a video of it below.